Friday, 11 March 2011


This stop motion is effective, I really like the use of one fluorescent colour used within it, we initially wanted to create some kind of animation just not sure if it will be possible with the time limit and everything else were wanting to do, but stop motion would be a good idea rearranging letters etc.

3D type

This looks so crisp and clean and I like how they use the same colour for the type as the paper so it blends it but is still visible, I just hope that it's not as hard as it looks to make, need to get some info onto how to do it. I'm really excited to get our ideas started and bring them together just need to make sure they are of a level like this.

This is amazing since one of our ideas is to shred this is perfect, such a good idea, again using the same material to craft the letters works so well, this is such a simple idea but looks so good. I want to attempt this for our project!

Poster designs

I think our idea will work because we are using things that already exist and things that our audience will relate to because of their jobs like paper sizes and print techniques. Like this poster above with colour spectrums it's something that designs and printers are familiar with and so will be likely to take an interest in. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fedrigoni competitors

Mohawk's website is more inviting and exciting that Fedrigoni, it shows you the paper samples well and gives a clear outline about the company.

Mohawk promotion

They have an existing brochure range which will allow customers to view what they offer, something we need to improve for Fedrigoni. We want customers to be able to touch and experience the paper rather than photographs on the website or no image at all which is its current situation.

Mohawk promotion

'Paper promotions run the risk of becoming very gimmicky, resorting to overusing available printing techniques and the latest and greatest in trends. I am always happy to see a promotion that lets the paper be the true hero, while at the same time getting some information about something—anything.'




'Here we chose regal English type face for the 'tea' and combined with a fine but slab like sans serif we had a new identity that looked as if it has been carved from sugar icing.' I love how simple this is but how it works perfectly, representing the British culture and traditions though type and I also love how the poster only uses one stock and colour just different levels and dimensions. The triangle cake shape is so effective, it's things like this we want to pick out in our work. 


This isn't relevant in terms of media but using the same kind of idea for the concept of listing things, we are using a list of paper uses with basic one word terms like fold, bend, printed, coloured, twisted, torn etc.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Shredded paper

When analysing the brief we decided that one of the things they are asking is to make paper interesting, I think we need to make it appear really creative, expressive and fun. The shredded paper idea is something that could portray this perfectlydepending on what we do with it. I like the idea of screen printing onto it, creating letters and shapes out of it. But I think if we do this it needs to be a running theme of the whole cmapaign instead of doing loads of different things, possibly.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Paper uses

Uses of paper:-

Impregnated, enamelled, metallised, creped, water-proofed, waxed, glazed, sensitised, bent, turned, folded, twisted, crumpled, cut, torn, dissolved, macerated, moulded, embossed, coloured, coated, printed, marked, mark erased


Wall Street Crash

I found these on Behance and like the technical and scientific look they have about them, it could be cool to base our project on a theme like this using angles and geometry and measurements etc

This is like the idea Kim has of shredding up lots of paper and creating words, brand name out of it, I think this could be a good branding technique to take across onto all products just so be our main image.

Previous YCN Fedrigoni briefs and works

Alex Ostrowski

Paper creations

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya works with typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. She has swiftly earned an international reputation for her innovative paper illustrations and continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs

I find this work really impressive because of the detail she has created with paper, the curls and finishings of the paper makes it look quality and I haven't seen anything like this before, this is quite playful and creative but still sophisticated. We need to ensure we reach our target audience and keep it unique, high end and quality.

Mailshots/direct mail

'Although Compiling a Mail Shot or Mailshot are cost effective for any business, sending them via e-mail is virtually cost free. By building your own mailing lists (e-mail addresses) from buying customers, you can target people with information more effectively.'

This could be a good idea sending virtual, online mail shots as well as actual mail-shots through the post, this way we can save money by photography and sending them digitally but also by sending them through the post customers or clients get the real deal of the paper and the feel of it.

Existing mail-shots

Message in a bottle

This year’s johnson banks post office at the V&A fete featured specially produced airmail letters, our special twist on those self-sealing aerogramme letters you’d send to granny in Australia when you were a kid.
We designed eight in total, which folded down from die-cut shapes into square letters.
The letters come kiss-cut in A3 sheets.

V&A 'we gambled and suggested to them that they stop doing a brochure and send a paper sculpture instead'.

This is much more interesting and interactive than a standard brochure, it has an element of excitement and surprise by having to open it up and this pop-up, structure inside. The piece has many different angles and places where information can be contained making it more interesting to read than an average piece of mail. 
Benefits of mail-shots

  • Now there is less of it, your mailshot has less competition, more chance of being noticed and an increased likelihood of being acted upon.

  • Better targetting means that businesses are reaching far more of the right people with their mailings. And, if my mantra of effective communication “Reach the right people. Say the right things.” is correct, and your DM piece reaches me, properly addressed, with a wholly relevant message, creatively appealing enough to make me read it, instilling desire for your product, incentivising me to react, and your core offer is good. I will respond.
"They designed a 3D direct mail piece to send to cardiologists in the form of the upper part of the human body. The piece was set up with a zipper on the chest to simulate a heart surgery. The "It's not that easy" tagline suggests that the last option heart surgeries really aren't as easy as unzipping a zipper.
According to the company, their target audience, cardiologists, responded with a spontaneous brand awareness rate of 89 % even tough the cholesterol market is one of the most competitive."